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    Project Overview

    Benji Lovitt, Comedian, Educator & Writer, has been translating the Israel experience through laughter since his aliyah flight landed in 2006. Benji’s observations on Israeli society, combined with his lifelong involvement in Jewish education, create a hilarious narrative that has brought smiles to faces all over the world.

    Benji Lovitt is a member of

    Our Solution

    Benji needed a major overhaul on his outdated website to reflect a fresher, more professional look to push his work forward. At the end of the day, he’s a comedian and needs to wow people right away. We designed and developed his new website putting his services in the spotlight and moved his blog to the sidelines.


    Upgrade from older blog-style website

    Responsive (Mobile-Friendly) Design

    Homepage full-screen photo montage

    ''Events Manager'' powered live schedule

    On-Site SEO Optimization

    Website launched Apr 2016. Current website may not reflect our screenshots if the client has made significant updates.

    I went with Todd and 972 creative based not only on recommendations but for the pre-sale questions he asked to make sure he understood my needs. The site came out fantastic. I have gotten excellent feedback from it and am confident and excited to have it represent me to prospective clients.
    Benji Lovitt
    Comedian, Educator, Writer

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